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Updated: Aug 15, 2018

The Back to School delivery date is August 16 at the Ipswich Town Hall Council on Aging lower floor. Sneaker event will be at the same time and date. More information to follow.

Dear Ipswich Caring Family

With the end of the school year and summer vacation fast approaching, I am writing to inform you that Ipswich Caring will once again host a Back-to-School Supplies Program. We will provide children entering grades K-12 with many of the school supplies requested by their teachers including binders, notebooks, pencils, crayons and more. Supplies will vary based on each child’s grade. A selection of backpacks will also be available, should your child need one.

NEW this year! Through a partnership with Whirlaway Sports, Methuen, we are offering each child a new pair of name brand sneakers. Representatives from Whirlaway Sports will conduct shoe fittings and help the children select a pair of sneakers from a variety of styles.

If you would like your child(ren) to participate, please call or e-mail Lauri Carlson between 10:00am –8:00pm at 978-356-4888 or by Monday, July 10. If you would like sneakers, please be ready to provide your child’s sneaker size (Youth, Adult) and gender (Male/Female) so that we can offer an appropriate selection of sneaker sizes and styles.

IMPORTANT PICK UP INFORMATION: School Supplies and Sneakers MUST be picked up Thursday, August 16, 2018 between 4:30 and 6:30 PM. Distribution will be conducted in the Resource Room at the Ipswich Town Hall, located on the lower level. Please enter through the Town Hall’s main entrance with the pillars, take a right through the door before the gym, go down the stairs and the Resource Room will be on your left.

If your child will be attending Winthrop School in the fall, school supplies will be distributed in conjunction with their Summer Lunch Program. If you do not participate in this program, you will pick up your supplies and sneakers, if applicable, on August 16. Please inform Lauri if this is the case. If you need clarification or have questions, please call Cheryl Forster-Cahill, Director of Ipswich Caring at 978-471-0575.

PLEASE mark your calendars for August 16! School supplies or sneakers that are not picked up by the end of the evening will NOT be available afterward. Please make arrangements with family members or friends to pick up on your behalf if you determine after signing up that you cannot make it that night.

Thank you and enjoy the summer!


Lauri Carlson

Back-To-School Supplies Coordinator


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