Ipswich Caring Delivery this year!

Naughty or nice-- all families who have completed Ipswich Caring applications should expect a delivery on Tuesday, December 17 between 5 and 7PM Ipswich off duty police will arrive driving Ipswich Shellfish trucks loaded with clothes and toys. It will all be in large black bags so children cannot see what is inside and parents may want to wrap the gifts themselves for the tree. Please look carefully through everything as gift cards sometimes get lost or thrown away. We are very pleased to be able to help support about 100 families this year and nearly 200 children. A great big thank you to the more than 200 volunteers who make this all happen. Happy holidays everyone and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Cheryl Forster-Cahill



P. O. Box 584
Ipswich, MA 01938