Ipswich Caring is Gearing Up

Greetings to the Ipswich Community

Here at Ipswich Caring is busy not only during the holiday season but all year long. Shortly our families will be receiving a letter from us describing the SUMMER BACKPACK AND SNEAKER EVENT. Last year we added name brand sneakers to the school supplies and backpacks we hand out annually. We are happy to announce that it was a wild success and we will continue that again this year. The letter will ask you to respond by email or phone call to Lauri at or 978 356 4888 between 10AM and 7PM by Wednesday, JULY 10th. Think ahead to your children's growing feet and what size they will be wearing in the fall!

Backpacks will be distributed downstairs in the Ipswich Town Hall next to the Council on Aging on THURSDAY AUGUST 15 ONLY BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 4:30 AND 6:30PM. There is no other pick up time so please make arrangements to have your children there for sneaker fitting and selection. Plan ahead. Have a family friend or relative attend the pick up if you cannot make it. This program is for all children in grades K-12 in all four schools-- Winthrop, Doyon, Middle and High Schools. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER with Lauri beforehand to be eligible.

Please look for the annual Ipswich Caring application letter which will be mailed in September with an October deadline to sign up for the birthday program and holiday delivery.

Please check this website for updates and have a great summer!

Cheryl Forster Cahill


978 471 0575


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