Today is Backpack Sneaker Day

Summer is winding down and Ipswich Caring is winding up. We hope most of our families have taken advantage of the backpack/sneaker event we host at the Ipswich Town Hall.

Backpacks will be distributed downstairs in the Ipswich Town Hall next to the Council on Aging on THURSDAY AUGUST 15 ONLY BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 4:30 AND 6:30PM. There is no other pick up time so please make arrangements to have your children there for sneaker fitting and selection. Plan ahead. Have a family friend or relative attend the pick up if you cannot make it. This program is for all children in grades K-12 in all four schools-- Winthrop, Doyon, Middle and High Schools. YOU MUST HAVE PRE-REGISTERED with us beforehand to be eligible.

In mid-September look for a mailing which includes the annual application. This application must be returned to us at P O Box 584, Ipswich 01938 by October 15, 2019. We need the applications early as they are assigned to shoppers who get out there to help provide our families a wonderful holiday.

Cheryl Forster-Cahill


P. O. Box 584
Ipswich, MA 01938