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How to Receive Help

Holiday Program

If you would like your family to be included in our holiday program you will need to complete a confidential application. Families are mailed applications in September to allow shoppers to shop early.  An application must be completed annually to receive gift cards to Walmart, Kohl's and Market Basket at the November 19, 2023 pick up date. We cannot process applications after the deadline in October. Click here for the application.

Back to School Program

Letters are mailed to families in early July about the Back to School Program.  Pickup date is early August. If you would like to be included in this program you will need to complete an application. Please click here for the application. If you would like more information please email Sheila Taylor at

Rita Poirier Empowerment Fund

For the past twelve years, Ipswich Caring has sponsored an Empowerment Fund for deserving individuals who are trying to make a difference in his or her life. The mission of Ipswich Caring’s Rita Poirier Empowerment Fund is to assist Ipswich individuals in their efforts to achieve economic independence and stability by providing funding to pursue or further a career opportunity.  The fund’s purpose is to decrease the financial barriers that impede progress towards an individual’s professional goals.

If you are selected as a candidate, you will be invited to a personal interview, at which time a small committee will review with you your future plans and goals, information about the requested amount of money and any additional information and verification the committee may require.   Please note, if you are awarded all or a portion of the money you’ve requested, all payments will be made directly to the provider of the goods or service in the recipient’s name.

After reviewing this application, if you think you may need assistance in filling the application out and/or have any questions, please feel free to contact Cheryl Scibisz at 508 783 6101.  Please mail to Ipswich Caring, PO Box 584, Ipswich, MA, 01938.  ATTN: Cheryl  Scibisz.  

If you would like an application click here.

For more information please email Cheryl Scibisz at

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